February 9, 2019
Cole Wiebe

The ideal website – part 6 (of 7)

The Ideal Website Converts Visitors into Leads and Customers

At the end of the day, the only reason for having your website is to increase sales and grow your business. It’s not about winning design awards (except perhaps for the designer 🙂 ). It’s not about about developing a large internet audience. If you can’t convert your visitors into customers, or develop revenue from your traffic by other means, your site has failed to provide a return on investment.

Does your website even have a buyer's journey and conversion strategy?

Does it provide unique and valuable information? Is your site worth bookmarking for return visits? Do you offer an RSS feed to enable your visitors to subscribe to updates? Are you using landing pages to exchange valuable downloadable ebooks or white papers for subscription to your list.

If you’re selling something, or wish to achieve a visitor response, do you have effective ad copy? When you change your copy, do you monitor the response in an A/B comparison?

Does your website take the visitor by the hand and lead them through your content with a planned traffic flow strategy? Are you asking for a response at each step or hoping your visitors read their way through all the pages in the process before taking action? Many of our clients are amazed to discover that their visitors were already sold on page one or two 🙂 . All we had to do was provide a ‘take action now’ button to dramatically improve sales.

Do you have analytics installed? Are you evaluating your stats each week? Do you tweak your content constantly to provide better results?

We believe that:

Design + Traffic + Conversion = Sales

Cole Wiebe, WordPress web developer, SquamishCole has been designing and developing websites since 1997. He's a content strategist and writer, conversion copywriter and online marketing coach.

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