“Cole Wiebe is a consummate professional. His recommendations are killer, and his knowledge of web tools and platforms is unparalleled. And I, a non-techy, can update my website thanks to his follow-up video training.
Highly recommended!”
Alison Strobel, Proofread by Alison Services Inc.
"Great job all round!
Service and communication were efficient and professional, and the work of a high standard.
I would highly recommend his services and look forward to working with Cole and White Wolf Design again."
Jane Hunter
"[We received] our first successful order! So simple and everything is working great. So happy!"
Alanna Volp, Billies Flower House
"Working with Cole on [my] web site was very satisfactory. He wrote up a contract listing the requirements we had planned together. Then he delivered on time as proposed. This is my third web site and Cole is leagues above other web designers in knowledge, ability and professionalism. I fully recommend him."
Lee Ann Charette, LeeLee's Grooming Lounge
"I've found some web folks to be a bit transient and onerous at times and have used quite a few different groups over the years.
The only one I've had great and consistent results with is Cole Wiebe ([email protected]). Give him a call and mention my name, he's a real pro."
Darrell Cassidy, Bouyant Creative Inc.
He takes the time to get to know them and their needs and uses "white hat" strategies to help them achieve their goals. He is knowledgeable in SEO/SEM as well as Web site design."
Sharlene Kamachi, Lost Trekkers
"We've collaborated with Cole Wiebe Internet Marketing on various projects. We did the Flash development and ActionScript coding and they provided the SEO (search engine optimization). They were able to deliver the top-5 search engine rankings they promised, even for 100% Flash websites. I'd recommend Cole Wiebe Internet Marketing to any website owner."
Andreas Hagener, Studio 12 (Zwoelf Graphik GmbH)
www.studio12media.com / www.zwoelfgraphik.de

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