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We're your one-stop shop for a website that will define your branding, clarify

your message, increase profits and expand the business you love.

Mobile friendly web design Squamish
Custom WordPress Web Development

We specialize in designing and then custom developing 'mobile first' website experiences.

Local search engine optimization, Squamish
SEO / Content Writing

Over 20 years of experience in earning rankings and traffic with valuable content readers love.

Lead generation funnels and copywriting, Squamish
Copywriting / Lead Generation

We can write all of the page copy, video scripts, landing pages, etc. for your lead generation funnels.

Clients love our work

"Great job all round!

Service and communication were efficient and professional, and the work of a high standard.

I would highly recommend his services and look forward to working with Cole and White Wolf Design again."
“Cole Wiebe is a consummate professional. His recommendations are killer, and his knowledge of web tools and platforms is unparalleled. And I, a non-techy, can update my website thanks to his follow-up video training.

Highly recommended!”

Answers to common questions

Is having 'valuable' content essential in earning Google rankings?

If you live in a small town, where there's no competition at all, you might show up in the top-5 on Google and Bing simply because there are no other pages and posts.

Google and Bing rank pages. They don't care if you believe your website's cool, and neither do your visitors.

You will never earn top-5 search engine rankings on Google for the content that does not exist on your website.

So yes, you do need 'epic' ridiculously valuable content and a distribution/promotion strategy to earn search engine rankings and a steady stream of qualified buyers to your website. What is epic content? It's the best damn page on the entire internet for your target keywords and topic.

Is professional conversion copywriting important to our success?

If you've already got plenty of traffic to your site, but you're getting very few leads and sales from it, you can conclude that you need more effective copy, and a conversion strategy.

There needs to be a customer journey that takes visitors through a tried and proven process, engages them in your sales funnel, and converts members of your audience into leads you can nurture into real paying customers. If that's not happening, your copy isn't doing the job.

Let's talk about your website and its copy

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