I'm Cole Wiebe; Whitewolf Design's lead web developer and copywriter. I have a small team of designers, coders and content writers. But I'm a firm believer in proprietorship, and the buck stops with me. All of the content writing, copywriting and web development are either completed by me personally, or meticulously checked by me.

I am completely hands on through the entire build. I'm also a graphic designer and shoot many of the images. Because I understand every step of the project, from the ground up, I will be here to make any changes and upgrades when you need them down the road. I'm a stickler for commenting code, so future updates to the PHP, CSS and JavaScript are simple.

A little about me

I graduated with a photographic arts degree in 1983, and began a career in 'art and copy' in 1987, working in the magazine publishing industry in the paste-up department. Within a few months I had advanced to become the lead designer and editor for one of the publications. I've been designing marketing materials, writing copy and content for over 32 years.

Whitewolf Design originated in 1996 as White Wolf Airbrush. The name "White Wolf", incidentally, comes from a nickname I picked up while working for two winter seasons as an ice road trucker, based out of Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. Driving truck in the high arctic was a nice break from the desk.

As an illustrator, I airbrushed everything from t-shirts to race cars, Harleys and wall murals; but that all changed when I purchased my first Wacom tablet/'digital airbrush' in 1997.

In February 1997, the shift was made from print to web design, under the name Whitewolf Design Co. In the early years, I had more time, and taught internet marketing and web design courses at the college level.

Copywriting, content marketing strategy and SEO became a very important part of the business, and in 2007 it was decided that the SEO and content marketing component of the business would be branded as Cole Wiebe Content Marketing, focusing on the Vancouver market, while Whitewolf would continue to be the Sea to Sky web design and internet marketing business. Whitewolf Design has become an international business, and our small team has worked with clients across North America and as far away as England.

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