Vivien Yang PREC

Vivien Yang, Vancouver

Project type: SEO/content marketing, multi-site design/development
Industry: real estate

Squamish web design, web development and content marketing

Back in 2014, I built Vivien a site at The target geographic area was South Surrey / White Rock, and I created content to promote the applicable keywords. A lot changed over the three years that followed. She purchased the .com domain, and now wanted to target White Rock, Maple Ridge and Downtown Vancouver.

Earning top-5 rankings in 1 geographic area, particularly since there are over 14,000 registered Realtors® in the RBGEV (Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver), is no small feat. To earn rankings for 3 separate cities is pretty much impossible… unless you create 3 separate websites and optimize them individually. By creating 3 distinctly separate content silos, it is possible to earn top search engine rankings for each city, providing there's a long term commitment to creating hyperlocal content on an ongoing basis.

I built the three websites using WordPress Multisite. All three sites can be conveniently administered from one dashboard. This website began as a component in an ongoing content marketing strategy.

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