Renaissance Group

Project type: response web development makeover
Industry: interior design & décor / contracting

Squamish web design and development

This became primarily a 'Mobilegeddon' responsive website rebuild, to get the site ready for Google’s April 21, 2015 mobile-friendly algorithm release. The website had never been completed by the previous designer, and they were looking for a developer to finish it.

Marjorie and Chuck agreed that, with Google’s announcement that they would factor responsive design into their search engine rankings, the site should be fully responsive to all computers and mobile devices. So we needed a brand new site structurally. But they really liked the design of the partially completed website, so we recreated Marjorie Wood's original vision nearly pixel for pixel.

As we planned the responsive rebuild, it quickly became apparent that there were three websites: the core/welcome site (grey), an interior design & décor site (turquoise), and a contracting site (brown). This project was a good candidate for a WordPress Multisite build; three websites managed within a single dashboard.

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