Crucial Roof Services

Project type: WordPress Multisite web design / development, SEO / content marketing
Industry: roofing

Squamish web design, web development and content marketing

This project was both a ‘technology’ and SEO upgrade. The new WordPress website replaced seven separate websites, one for each targeted Metro Vancouver city.

The WordPress Multisite approach helped us target all 7 geographic regions in our search engine marketing, with completely separate ‘content silos’, one for each city, all managed under a single WordPress dashboard. All of the 7 sub-domain websites and 2 blogs were now 'under one roof'.

The result was 7 sub-domain websites instead of 7 separate domains and websites. WordPress Multisite offers a very elegant and incredibly efficient solution to a very challenging Google ‘local search’ problem* facing many businesses that need to target more than one city in their online marketing.

* If you try to target several different cities with a single website, Google and Bing generally will not give your site top-5 rankings for any of the cities, due to the lack of focus. Separate sub-domain sites target only one city per website.

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