Corridor Projects

Corridor Projects, Squamish

Project type: custom web design / development with content marketing
Industry: construction / contracting

This web design / development project is part of a 1-year content marketing plan; so the custom-designed website was included without charge. It incorporates a page builder solution, and custom video tutorials, to make in-house content edits and additions as easy as editing a Word document.

Content first: Most of the time, a small business gets a website built, quick and cheap, with only a few pages, and then the site sits on the web, completely static. The chances of it earning search engine rankings, traffic and leads are essentially nil. I don't believe that serves the client's business at all.

I've always pitched the value of a content strategy, and many customers would half-heartedly agree to it at the outset, but you know how it goes… the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

When business owners pay for the site, they tend to think they "can't afford the marketing" that is essential to earning qualified traffic and sales leads.  So by including the website as part of a 'content first' strategy – even though the budget on a first-time site may be modest – we have a growing content asset we can optimize to target relevant keywords, and we then promote the fresh content through social media. Every month the site's value and Google positioning improves.

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