Gentleman's Blade

Gentleman's Blade, West Vancouver

Project type: custom web design / development, content writing, copywriting and e-commerce order fulfillment
Industry: straight razors and wet shaving supplies

Squamish web design, web development and content marketing

This website project began as a website re-design, but quickly evolved into a content marketing and copywriting project. A new logo was needed, and we designed one with an old world, late 1800s feel. The Victorian wallpaper background also supported the vintage razors and method of shaving.

A WooCommerce e-commerce site was custom designed and developed, with PayPal and Strip payment processing.

Our lead content writer Cole is a straight razor shaver and vintage/antique collector of razors, so he was the natural content writer and copywriter for this niche market. He handled all the promotions and social media marketing as well.

Cole also became involved in order fulfillment. Each item was carefully bubble-wrapped, and a hand written card (in fountain pen of course) was included with the order, with a wax seal to close the envelope. Straight razors were carefully wrapped in anti-corrosion paper and also sealed with wax.

A truly fun project! (Richard has since retired and the site is no more.)

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