Dynamic Property Management

Dynamic Property Management, Squamish

Project type: website re-design / development
Industry: property management

Squamish web design, web development and content marketing

This was a rebuild of a website we designed / developed for Dynamic Property Management back in 2011. The former site had over thirty sub-sites, one for each building they managed, and hundreds of registered users, each with his/her own ACL (access control list) profile. Based upon the username, the level of content access was assigned based upon strata status and the property.

Since then, the strata management component was moved to CONDOCafé Portal, a 3rd party provider who specializes in strata/property management. Five years had passed, a lot had changed, and they needed a simpler site they could manage in-house; WordPress was perfect. I added a page builder solution and created custom tutorial videos for editing and adding content.

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